Friday, 23 February 2018

The human knot

3. Start writing here:
This morning we went to the field and  we played the human knot game with room 10 and it was fun we had to tangle our hands together and then Miss moala said go then we antgle and we  came back to class.
Then we were waiting for the door to open and then miss west open the  door  and then  we started to get our chromebook and then we did our Writing . we were working by myself.
This is the  human knot game on.

Friday, 16 February 2018

number cubes

Task Description: this is a google drawing working out in addition.

narrative writing

  Start Writing here:
Once when I went to the dusty river it was full of rubbish and it was ugly  and it  had some long grass and it has a walkway and there  are heaps of tall trees they are fat to too much stickies  and big rocks that we can sit on. Leaves  to.   

Monday, 12 February 2018

Too Many possums

P2-Why are possums considered pests?
It because look cuddly and they are little like a mouse.
P2-Why do you think we don’t see possums very often?
Sometimes they are scared and sometimes when they see us they run away.   
P4-Why are possums pests in NZ but not Australia?
In australia are predators.
P6-Why is it a problem having so many possums?
The possums harm trees and plants.The trees and plants stop growing.

Friday, 9 February 2018




WALT: use a range of vocabulary in our writing.
WALT: edit our work, checking that all our sentences make sense and that we have full stops and capital letters in the correct places.

Your task: You are going to be writing an text, explaining ‘RESPECT.’ You began to do this when planning for your animation task last week.

  • What does it mean to be respectful?
  • How can we show respect around school?
  • How can we show our peers respect?
  • How can we show our class respect?
  • How can we show our school respect?
  • How can we show our wider community respect?

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  • TASK 1: Take part in discussions about what ‘RESPECT’ looks like. Come up with words you can use in your writing.

Hint: You may like to share the Ako 3 word bank on your blog!

  • TASK 2: Plan for your writing and then begin writing!

You do not need to write into these boxes, but it may help some of you to structure your writing.

What does Kaitiakitanga i ngā wā katoa mean ? It means that we need to look after our stuff Properly .
Respect to your friends means to look after them and ask them if they need help then help them and play with them.
Respect to your class means to don,t tell them what to do.
Respect to your school means to look after your  environment
PARAGRAPH 4 (Optional)
Respect to your community it means pick up the rubbish and put it in the bin.
Respect my  chromebook means don’t go on silly tuff.

You may want to begin writing here, rather than into the boxes above:

Kaitiakitanga i ngā wā katoa

  • TASK 3: Draw a picture to go with your writing, and post your complete learning on your blog!
This is my writing of  respect.

Thursday, 8 February 2018

DMIC Problem: 8 Feb 2018

This week my maths class started to learn using DMIC.  We talked about the word altogether meaning total. We solved this problem in a small group to find the total number of bikes.