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My what if planet

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Start Writing here:  My planet is a moon it is a star .But some People   say it is a moon  my moon is a colorful moon it is white and there is a rocket ship. It is purple pink and  brown It has Fire coming out at the bottom  of the rocketship there are  lots of people on the moon it is my family and me and my 2 dog’s we went had to wear a  space helmet and a sot.  Then we went to  put 5  flag’s when we got there was no air when we went back home there were some aliens shaking the rocketship then we lost them because we hide the rocketship and then we went back to our home.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Breakfast for peacocks

File:Peacock Milwaukee County ...

What is a female called?
It is called a women .
Why is their garden a special place for the peacocks?
So they can find food to eat .
Why does mum get frustrated with the peacocks sometimes?
Because  mum  is afraid  of it.
What will Jessie do to stop the peacocks eating the berries?
Find  some Insect in the bhes .
What is the netting for?
It is for the peacocks to eat it sometimes.
Why does a Peacock raise its tail?
What does it mean by ‘shoo those birds away’?
Because it doesn't like  birds.

Draw a picture in Pixlr of the of the peacock raising its tail.