Friday, 6 July 2018

team 5 block time

Hi my name is latisha and after morning tea room nine maths class went to the team 5 block and we were seeing there project that they made in a little.we had to be in groups my leader was jozlo and my group was tori nature and patience and me. The first project we check

It was a cup project if we got the ball in the cup we get a point each i got it in once and I got a point.

This is My time in the team 5 block please leave a comment by latisha

Friday, 29 June 2018


This is my animaton about force and flight

animation script

Hi my name is Latisha this year team 4 are learning about force and flight my animation is about teens i will be showing you what is force and flight all about lift makes it go high and The Thrust makes it go forward and then the weight makes it go down and the drag makes it go backwards thanks for watching bye please leave a comment .

This is my animation script.


In the long hollydays me and my family went skydiving. when I got in the plane i felt nervous and I had butterflies in my tummy .It felt like I was going to fall when i first got out of the airplane but then i kept on flying on and on. But then I slide down the mountain and by back was sore and there was fire at the end and i almost went in it but then my family saved me .

This is my writing about skydiving. please leave a comment.

Thursday, 28 June 2018